Where Are Soft Magnetic Alloy Materials Mainly Used?


At present, soft magnetic alloy materials mostly are used in some high-end precision instruments.As for the soft magnetic alloy material, it actually has different application capabilities in different current devices. So how to choose the magnetic material,we  need to make specific judgment according to the usage.Now, let's have a look at the application of soft magnetic materials in different current devices.

First of all, for the application of concentrated current devices, it is generally used in quasi-static,low-frequency, or large current conditions.Specifically,it is as the cores of electromagnet, power transformer and motor.Secondly,it is used in weak current devices. In this case, it is usually used in high frequency or weak current conditions.In terms of specific devices, it is as the magnetic cores of antenna coils in various communication facilities and iron cores of small transformers in electronic circuits.

Where Are Soft Magnetic Alloy Materials Mainly Used?

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