Elastic Alloy

  • Cobalt Chromium Nickel Alloy

    Cobalt Chromium Nickel Alloy

    Elgiloy (Co-Cr-Ni Alloy) is a "super-alloy" consisting of Cobalt, Chromium, Nickel,Iron and other elements.It is usually used to make springs and control cables,due to the properities of corrosion resistant,high strength, ductility, and good fatigue life.

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  • Inconel Alloy

    Inconel Alloy

    Nickel Iron Chromium Alloy has the basic properties of high elasticity,high intensity,low anelastic effect.Based on difference use conditions,it is also with no magnetism,temperature resistance,corrosion resistance,fatigue resistance,high conductivity.It is mainly used as precision elastic parts and springs.

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