• Inconel 625

    Inconel625 is a kind of Inconel alloy with resistance to oxidation and corrosion especially under extreme conditions of pressure and high temperature.

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  • Inconel 600

    Inconel600 has the ability to withstand high stress and a wide range of temperatures.The property of resistance to corrosion in highly acid environment is good.

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  • Inconel 718

    The alloy of Inconel 718 has good tensile, fatigue, creep, and rupture strength. It is easy to machine according the requirement of usage.

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  • Inconel X750

    InconelX750 has good fatigue resistance,oxidation resistance,corrosion resistance,good processability and welding performance. Inconel has been used in applications for gas turbines, jet engine parts, heat-treating fixtures, and forming tools.

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  • Inconel Alloy

    Nickel Iron Chromium Alloy has the basic properties of high elasticity,high intensity,low anelastic effect.Based on difference use conditions,it is also with no magnetism,temperature resistance,corrosion resistance,fatigue resistance,high conductivity.It is mainly used as precision elastic parts and springs.

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