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Hebei Haishu Trade Co.,Ltd is mainly engaged in export trade.Our factory was established in 1992 and has got ISO9001 International Quality Management,focusing on researching and manufacturing precision alloy(including soft magnetic alloys,expansion alloys,elastic alloys,resistance heating alloys),special alloy ,functional materials for more than 20 years.These materials are widely used in electron industry, instrument, automotive, aviation, household appliances,mobile phones and other industries.

We insist strict quality control and have a complete set of production equipment, including vacuum smelting,thermal processing,cold treatment,hot treatment and other equipment.Besides,we have a variety of physical and chemical analysis spectrometer testing facilities to ensure product quality.

We have a professional technical team,committing themselves to researching,developing and manufacturing various materials.We can produce alloys and soft magnetic alloy parts as  per customers’ requirements.

In addition to alloys,our other main products is magnet,magnetic separator and tinplate.we export to many countries and regions.

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