What Are the Advantages of Soft Magnetic Alloys?


Nowadays, with the development of mechanise, people no longer need to rely on mechanical transmission.Naturally, varieties of metal components or new electromagnetic materials gain more market.Soft magnetic alloy material is one of them.

Soft magnetic alloy is a kind of low-cost and convenient material, which is widely used in a variety of machines, such as electrical conductors,electronic components.

In terms of the performance, the biggest advantage of soft magnetic alloy is that the loss of medium and high frequency is very low, and it is easy to generate magnetic and easy to demagnetizm.The density is very small, and the weight is very light,so it is convenient to carry.Besides,soft magnetic alloy is rather durable.With all of the advantages,soft magnetic alloys seize the ferrite market in a short time and be used widely.

What Are the Advantages of Soft Magnetic Alloys?

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